Episode 30: Chorus to Fade

On song-writing exercises and techniques

Turn off the lights and dig out the half-melted candles from your bottom drawer, it’s How to Colour Cats’ first birthday! So let’s cut a piece of cake separate from the main cake so that this over-enthusiastic child can spit all over it it without ruining it for everyone else.

This week we talk to Henry, the drummer of How to Colour Cats, who quits the band on mic within the first five minutes of the show. Then Henry shows Dan and Tony three songwriting techniques and they each write more songs in this single forty-seven minute episode than they have this entire past year. It’s a birthday bonanza!

But wait, there’s more! This week’s episode is the piñata that keeps on giving. It also features:

  • Pick up lines
  • Nicholas Cage v. Nick Cave
  • The Herald Sun

The writing exercises we explore on this episode are:

  1. Cut-up.
  2. Song generation websites.
  3. Automated writing.

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