To Cheapen the World (A Song About Steve Jobs)

The song that stemmed from the argument on Reddit that inspired our most recent episode. It’s long, the band won’t play it, yet – like a comment on the internet – Dan had something to say and he just had to put it somewhere.

The argument in question

Steve Jobs was recently a recipient of our Humanitarian Award.

We thank Steve Jobs for providing a much-needed alternative to the monopoly of Google Maps. Thank you for fuelling the ideas economy which has helped to gentrify and enliven California. Thank you for your service to Che Guevara’s legacy by revising the word “revolution” with a meaning tolerable to a united global economy. For popularising a non-scarf-based solution to the cold-necked of the world. For helping to provide prestige to technology by informing email recipients of the device from which we send our messages/for updating “dictated but not read” for the modern age. For ensuring that we are no longer deprived of the ability to touch base with our office coworkers outside of office hours. For helping free our minds up for creativity by providing a single designated proprietary solution for the storage and organisation of data.

The humanitarians-jobs


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