Episode 16: Last night we made $62 as a band

20160211-IMG_0272In this episode: organising gigs in Melbourne.

Colouring Cats played a show for the first time in a year and a half. They played at the Old Bar in Fitzroy, with Emress and the Arcane Following – a show organised last-minute after a spot opened up. Dan and Tony discuss how to get a gig as a young band, how to find supports, and playing live.

Colouring Cats will be playing at the Brunswick Hotel on February 23rd.


One thought on “Episode 16: Last night we made $62 as a band

  1. Do more shows to fund your EP!
    Get the following with the live audience then record. Nothing wrong with home recordings to get gigs and to put on Unearthed. Easy to get good results with minimal equipment these days.
    Plus; playing live shows will help you work out song structures and help you become tighter as a band – you will also be able to see which songs work with the audience and which need some work and when you have finally got some money to record; you will be super tight and efficient. 😀
    Just my opinion.


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