Episode 11: This is in no way legal advice

Official crime scene photograph. Dan’s car rental parked next to a bare pole.

Official crime scene photograph. Dan's car rental parked next to a bare pole.

Tony gets a 4-hour car park. This reminds him of how he got a parking fine recently. Which reminds Dan of how he has a parking fine not-so-recently. Much of being in a band in the early days is, really, dealing with parking fines.

Are you disputing a parking fine? Got a gripe with Melbourne City Council? Unlike everyone you know who’s sick of your whinging about it, we want to hear about it. Maybe we even want to talk to you about it. Hit us up.

We’re also looking for industry insider who knows how pre-owned video game pricing works.

Our email is howtocolourcats@gmail.com, or you can leave a comment below.


One thought on “Episode 11: This is in no way legal advice

  1. Hey, I’m fighting Melbourne City Council on a parking fine for parking over an extinct driveway.

    I live in a building that is heritage listed and was turned into apartments in 2008 and the council decided to save costs and keep the rampart to the previous garage (which is now a storage room).

    The council refuse to erect signage and keep hitting people with $91 fines for parking legally.

    There’s a lot wrong with the signage and ticket writing going on around my streets (Stawell St, Victoria St and Munster Tce and the council are raking in the cash with $151 fines for parking too close to ‘an intersection’ and other fines that neatly fit ‘the inexcusable grey area’

    I’d love to vent my spleen if you want to know more about what’s going on.

    So far they’ve declined my internal revue stating that emergency services will use the driveway to access the building. (Fat chance an MFB truck will fit through a single person doorway but hey, maybe Miss Fizzle is the driver at my local station.

    Oh an I used to work at EB Games and I can tell you, they’re monsters on re-sale pricing.


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