Episode 3: Public money shouldn’t make people feel good

Dan and Tony discuss the burden trees put on public resources and the beginnings of the search for a gig.

The trees in Melbourne have been assigned email addresses, to make it easy for citizens to report tree problems. But instead, Melbournians have been writing love letters to the trees. Tony wants to shine a warm light onto Dan’s dark heart with this story but Dan really doesn’t see any good that can come from such a vast waste of public funds.

Also, how to book a gig? Now that everyone in the band is back up to snuff, Dan’s been emailing booking managers, but has not yet resorted to spamming other bands. The thing is, venues and booking managers want you to bring a crowd, but the band doesn’t plan on inviting anybody to their first shows before they can play live together kinda well. After all, anyone can convince all their friends to come to one show, but the real challenge is convincing them to come again.

And finally, that quote Dan mentions, “Work begins when the fear of doing nothing at all finally trumps the terror of doing it badly,” was first said by Alain de Botton.


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